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Wordpress is Too Bloated for Small Websites

Don’t mess with Databases, huge php files, and etc.

Kirby is a flat-file CMS that lets you keep your entire project in a folder.

Kirby lets you easily create website with a complete back–end that’s as feature-rich as you want. Learn it the easy way with a Free 5-Part Crash Course.

Kirby is Perfect For:


You can learn Kirby with basic HTML and CSS skills. Any PHP you need, you can pick up along the way. Kirby allows you to stay focused on your design.


Kirby is a flat-file developer-friendly CMS. It let’s you make it as complex or as simple as you want it to be. Oh, and since it’s flat-file. There’s no database for hackers to get into.


Deliver your next project with a Client-Proof admin panel where your client can make changes, add blog articles, and much more in a simple, hassle-free way.


Kirby’s incredibly scalable architecture let’s you create anyhting from simple 3-page sites for mom-and-pop businesses to a dozen-page website with blogs, portfolio pieces, and many more types of data.

Kirby Let’s You …

What You'll Be Making:

Using any Text Editor and a copy of Kirby.

The Final Product

A Portfolio website that you can change the content of right from the browser.

The Final Product

You can easily change the site’s content from here!

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Course Lessons

Lesson 1

Kirby v. Wordpress

Lesson 2

Uber-Easy Installation and Setup

Lesson 3

Navigating the Folder Structure

Lesson 4

Creating a Dynamic One-page Site

Lesson 5

Kirby Panel and Uploading the Site